Amidst a huge police presence, thousands gather at Toronto’s Mel Lastman Square to show their solidarity for Israel

Some pro-Hamas demonstrators showed up to taunt the pro-Israel crowd.

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Post-Israeli massacre, Toronto made for a tale of two demonstrations on Thanksgiving Day.

Around 2 p.m., hundreds of pro-Hamas demonstrators gathered at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square. While millions of Canadians were sitting down to a turkey dinner with their loved ones, these demonstrators were professing thanks for something entirely different: namely, the savage massacre of more than 800 Israelis last Saturday.

The usual nonsense was on display, such as chants of “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” (translation: exterminate Israelis and dismantle the state of Israel.) As well, signage condemning Israel as an “apartheid state” and condemning Israel for “genocide” was also on display.

It was somewhat surreal: if one did not know better, one would assume that it was Israeli militants, not Hamas terrorists, that carried out the massacre last weekend. Gross

The disgusting pro-Hamas demonstration was in stark contrast to the stand with Israel event at Mel Lastman Square. For starters, at this event, there were no calls for violence against Palestinians nor anyone else.

Notably, the police presence was huge. And major intersections surrounding Mel Lastman Square were blocked off with garbage trucks. And with good reason: with so many Jews and pro-Israel people congregated in one spot, this would surely make for a mouth-watering target for a domestic terrorist. While it was downright eerie do witness Yonge Street so devoid of vehicle traffic, these days it would seem to be prudent to subscribe to the mantra of “better safe than sorry.”

Even so, some pro-Hamas demonstrators showed up to taunt the pro-Israel crowd. Obviously, these counter-protestors were wearing trouble on their shirts, but members of the pro-Israel crowd did not take the bait. While there were many middle fingers raised and F-bombs uttered, there was no physical violence.

Still, we must ponder: if there are people in Toronto (and other major cities across Canada, the U.S., and Europe) who are pro-barbarism and pro-savagery, then the question arises: perhaps these people, too, are closet barbarians and savages?

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