An inside look at Pride Toronto's financial corruption with Sue-Ann Levy

Sue-Ann Levy joins The Ezra Levant Show, where she explains how Pride Toronto has wasted taxpayer funds from grants it was given by the federal government.

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Sue-Ann Levy broke the lid on Pride Toronto's financial corruption years ago. Now, Levy digs into more details about the corruption that has unfolded at the woke leftist-run organization in a new story at True North.

Sue-Ann joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to share some of the shocking findings.

One of the most absurd details, as Levy notes in her piece, was how a $1-million grant from the federal government came with strings attached — that Pride Toronto had to allow police back into the parade.

But in January of 2019, Pride members voted 163-161 to renege on the agreement and uphold the ban,” Sue-Ann notes. On last night's show, she told Ezra how Pride, despite backing out of the terms of the agreement, still kept the grant money:

They kept the money! And their excuse was — while, I was at that meeting actually. And I thought, 'they're crazy. These people are crazy,' and they had all these radical lefty queer people saying, 'no police.'

It was around the time that [serial killer] Douglas MacArthur had been found out, and they used that as an excuse not to establish relations with the police. Remember, John Tory was mayor, and I think he did a piss-poor job of trying to bring everybody together. 

And so it continued. The police were banned, and they have been banned to this day.

Follow more from Sue-Ann Levy at True North.

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