FLASHBACK: Anaida Poilievre blasts CBC over asking Cooper to fire her for being Poilievre’s wife

In 2020, a CBC reporter asked Conservative MP Michael Cooper if he would fire Anaida Poilievre, one of his staffers, for being married to Pierre Poilievre. Anaida Poilievre retaliated in force.

FLASHBACK: Anaida Poilievre blasts CBC over asking Cooper to fire her for being Poilievre’s wife
William Diaz-Berthiaume / Rebel News
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Before becoming well-known for campaigning alongside her husband Pierre Poilievre, Anaida Poilievre spent years working behind the scenes on Parliament Hill

While at the office of Conservative MP Michael Cooper, Anaida got married to the current leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre. 


Following a scandal involving a Liberal MP hiring her sister, CBC reporter Ashley Burke published a story putting pressure on Cooper to fire Anaida.

“Erin O’toole was very clear when he said that he had a high ethical bar when it comes to hiring processes,” Burke began her question to Cooper. “Do you plan on changing that [referring to his hiring of Anaida] in light of Mr. O’Toole’s comments this week?”

Cooper answered categorically that he did not plan on getting rid of Anaida simply due to her relationship with Pierre Poilievre. 

“Anaida Poilievre has worked in my office for five years, she has worked on Parliament Hill for more than 10, she has done exemplary work in my office and it’s fully within the rules,” he replied. 

“I’m very proud she’s part of my team,” he then added. 

While being defended by the MP she worked closely with, Anaida took her thoughts to Twitter and expressed her feelings towards the CBC and its author, Burke. 

She began by rhetorically asking the following: “Unless you believe it is outrageous for a woman to continue her career despite getting married?”

“Incredibly poor journalism on your end,” Anaida added. “You could have simply checked my LinkedIn account to realize I have been on Parliament Hill since 2008, and a quick google search shows I married the love of my life, Pierre Poilievre on December 31st, 2017.”

Anaida certainly did not hold back, creating an eight-tweet Twitter thread blasting Burke. 

“I am proud of my 10+ years in politics, but the CBC thinks I should be fired because of the person I chose to marry,” Anaida concluded. 

Pierre Poilievre was recently chosen as the new leader of the Conservative party, which currently serves as the official Opposition in the House of Commons, this past weekend, winning nearly 70% of the vote. 

Barring a remarkable shakeup in the party, Poilievre will be the primary alternative to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government when the next election is held. 

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