Anna Slatz LEGAL UPDATE: Aaron Rosenberg on the free speech battle after “shameful” arrest by NYPD

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Our reporter Anna Slatz was arrested last night during the riots in New York City, despite a curfew exemption for journalists covering the event.

In this video, our Toronto-based lawyer Aaron Rosenberg calls in to update us on the work he's done to put together a legal team including Michael Weinstock on the ground in New York and how they're tackling getting Anna out of jail:

“Once we found out where [Anna] was, we could actually go to the location, send our fighting force over there, and stand out there and demand that she be released... we've been in contact with the [Canadian] consulate now since the morning, they've been very helpful checking in, and they're very interested in this fight.

“They want to keep fighting for us and that's just a few: We've got the legal team down there, we've got the Canadian embassy in New York City working on this... and we're getting many more phone calls from support teams across the country and in New York itself, with people just trying to figure out 'How can we lend a hand, how can we help?'

“The outpouring of support for Anna and for Rebel for this cause is so important. You know, we cannot leave a man behind. This is such an incredibly important free speech battle, it's clear that there's an exemption for journalists on the ground after the curfew.

“Anna was exercising, in America, her First Amendment right, what we would call free expression -- it's so critical. If we're going to fight battles about free expression and freedom of the press, this is the type of battle we have to be fighting.”

To help chip in to cover our legal costs to free Anna, please visit

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  • By Ezra Levant

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