BREAKING: Rebel News is in Davos covering the World Economic Forum meeting!

Rebel News is going into the heart of Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum — and you’re welcome to come along with us!

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This weekend a team of Rebel News reporters is heading to Davos, Switzerland to cover the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

I’m coming from Canada. Avi Yemini is coming from Australia — in fact, he’s already there. Our reporter Callum Smiles is coming from the United Kingdom. And we’ll also be joined by Calvin Robinson, from my favourite TV station in the UK called GB News.

And we’ll put all of our reports up on a special website called (Please check it every day!)

We’re travelling to Davos as cheaply as possible and we’re staying together at the same AirBNB to save costs. Our mission is simple: to do our best to shine a light of public scrutiny on this secretive group of oligarchs and billionaires and corporate lobbyists, who have built a sort of world government run by the worst people imaginable.

The best description of the World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab, is to compare them to the villains in a James Bond movie. Except they’re real — schemers, dictators, utopians, madmen, bragging about how they control the world and “penetrate” national governments. It’s not fiction, though: Trudeau is a favourite at the WEF and Canada’s deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, is actually on their board of trustees.

How can you be loyal to a country, but also loyal to a foreign group of billionaires that has its own political agenda and that doesn’t believe in national sovereignty?

  • These are the people who tell you to drive less and turn down the heat during winter — while they take private jets to Davos.
  • These are the people who tell you to eat bugs — while they dine on steak and champagne.
  • They are billionaires, war profiteers and monopolists — but they tell you you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.

No wonder Bill Gates and George Soros love the WEF so much.

Well, we’re going to ask the tough questions no one else will.

By the way, there will be a lot of journalists there. You can see a copy of their official guest list:

But those official journalists aren’t going to ask questions and report to the public. They’re attending to be a part of the secretive gathering. They’re insiders; they’re part of the elite; they’re there to harmonize their messaging with the world’s richest and most powerful corporations.

We’re going not as insiders, but to shine a light of public scrutiny on these secret deals. Obviously they won’t let us in to their back rooms. But as our team showed last year, we can often get better questions to these VIPs by catching them in the streets than in any official meeting.

So we’re going back. Me, Avi, Callum and Calvin Robinson of GB news. And we’re bringing cameramen and producers with us. But the only way we can do it is with your help — to crowdfund our economy class airfare, our Airbnb and other out-of-pocket expenses. Can you help us? Please go to to chip in if you can.

We’ll be there all next week — expect our first reports right away. Check back every day at And please, if you can, help us do the journalism that no one else will. 

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