Another day, another controversy for Jill Andrew, the NDP’s self-proclaimed black, queer, 'fat' activist

Jill Andrew, the NDP MPP for the riding of Toronto-St. Paul’s, is in trouble again – although as per usual, it looks as though she won’t face any repercussions whatsoever.

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Recently, the Toronto Sun reported that there are allegations claiming that Jill Andrew made antisemitic statements and harassed another MPP. But Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath said that this was all news to her, stating: “I really don’t know any of the details that you’re talking about, this is the first I’ve heard of it.”

Horwath’s remark truly strains credulity given that the complaint against Andrew was actually launched some two years ago and top NDP brass were well aware of the allegations.

But then again, Horwath has a habit of covering for Jill Andrew, maybe because she is a “black queer fat activist” and that makes her special.

Case in point: some six years ago, former Toronto Sun reporter Sue-Ann Levy reported that Andrew had awarded (then) Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders with something called the “2016 Coon Award” (Saunders is black, by the way.)

Apparently, Andrew thought that Saunders was too harsh on the Marxists who make up Black Lives Matter Toronto. (The BLM rank and file had disrupted the Gay Pride Parade and made anti-police statements.) And because Saunders is not “down with the revolution,” this makes him a… “coon”? Despicable.

Speaking of egregious behaviour, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath stated that she had no problem with Andrew’s racist language back then. Indeed, a follow-up story in the Sun noted Horwath said: “Andrew was just using language employed in the black community to show ‘displeasure’ with black leaders not felt to be doing enough to ‘address black community issues.’”

Incidentally, we first stumbled upon Jill Andrew long before she inexplicably got elected as a Member of the Provincial Parliament in 2018. Jill’s pet peeve in 2016 was a Toronto Transit Commission ad campaign that featured ballet performers. Apparently, these beautifully crafted videos and photos triggered Andrew because she is obese and unable to take part in ballet. Here’s what she said in a Toronto Star article. “The body types of most ballet dancers do not adequately represent these of most Canadians and, I dare say, most TTC users.”

Thus, in Jill’s world, the solution is obvious: ban ads that depict thin and/or athletic people.

Indeed, this chubby crusader has also met with the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner to discuss possible changes to the Ontario Human Rights Code. Andrew wants to make it illegal to discriminate against a person due to their weight, size, or body shape because in Jill’s worldview, “Eurocentric fat shaming” is one of the most pressing problems facing the world today. (How odd that she thinks fat-shaming is offside but she’s perfectly fine with thin-shaming. What a weirdo.)

Indeed, once upon a time, folks like Jill Andrew would be given free accommodation at the local insane asylum; now they somehow get elected to office.

Speaking of which, a friendly reminder to the good people of Toronto-St. Paul’s: election day in Ontario is June 2.

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