Another iconic Aussie brand cops backlash over 'Trans Pride' underwear line featuring models with penises

Social media erupts as 'unGENderwear' campaign sparks controversy.

Another iconic Aussie brand cops backlash over 'Trans Pride' underwear line featuring models with penises
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Iconic Australian clothing brand Bonds has come under fire on social media after it released a new line of Pride underwear featuring transgender models.

The new product line is branded as unGENderwear by the company and marketed as "the new norm in the Pride Icons Kini."

"Wear these Pride undies for yourself, for a mate, or because you believe in more love and less labels," the product listing on some of the country's biggest online retailers reads.

The photos accompanying the listing feature a transgender model in bikini bottoms with abdomen hair and penis bulge clearly visible.

"What woman wants pants that fit a penis and testicles?" Tweeted UK women's rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen who led the recent 'Let Women Speak' events Downunder.

Keen was quoting another tweet from an angry woman who wrote: " I don't own another brand undies or bra. I won't ever buy your stuff again!"

The social media backlash continued in the comments with both men and women condemning the 

"Yet another brand I used to purchase automatically is no in the NEVER AGAIN list No one wants to defend women’s rights. None of them," wrote one commenter.

"I buy bonds for my entire family - sorry, I did buy bonds for my entire family.. no more!!" said another.

"Ladies, get used to the the undies you try on in the shop, already having been tried on by a man," added a third.

It comes after women's swimwear brand Seafolly copped a wave of backlash earlier this year for choosing bearded transgender model Deni Todorovic as its brand ambassador, dumping female models on International Women's Day.

The Bonds brand was established in Australia in 1915 selling women's hosiery and gloves before transitioning to underwear and other clothing products.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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