Another pro-Hamas rally in Toronto, thankfully, no storming of Ontario's Legislature

Hogtown’s pro-Hamas demonstrators were super busy spreading their hatred in front of the Ontario Legislature this past Friday, October 20th.

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Hogtown’s pro-Hamas demonstrators were super busy spreading their hatred on Friday.

First, they appeared at Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s constituency office demanding that Fraulein Freeland call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Alas, there’s that little matter of 200+ hostages being held by the Hamas hooligans, so a ceasefire at this juncture would be somewhat premature…

Then these pro-Hamas merrymakers marched down Bloor Street to harass people at a Jewish community centre. Class.

Then they appeared at whatever the hell they call Ryerson University these days. Alas, knowing how this woeful institute of wokeness operates, we’re sure that the pro-Hamas bullies were welcomed with open arms.

Their final destination was Queen’s Park around 4 p.m., where the Hamas apologists ramped up their du rigueur anti-Israel and anti-Jew rhetoric. Par for the course, many chanted: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” (Translation: professing hope that the state of Israel will one day be wiped off the map.)

And a brand-new chant emerged: “Doug Ford drop dead; your hands are painted red.”

We might not be the Premier Flip-Flop Ford’s biggest fans these days, but wow — that’s harsh!

Amazingly, once again, there were members of the Rainbow Mafia marching alongside the pro-Hamas demonstrators. Isn’t that akin to chickens marching in a parade to honour Colonel Sanders? Do these Spirit Unicorns know how gay and trans people are treated in Gaza (which is to say, such fab folks are treated with lethal force in the Palestinian Authority). Meanwhile, consider this: the only pride parades in the entire Middle East take place in Israel. Funny that — isn’t Israel supposed to be an “apartheid” state?

Rumours abounded that the pro-Hamas pals were actually going to storm the legislature. Goodness gracious! Do you think the mainstream media would ever refer to such an act as an “insurrection”?

Alas, such an act did not occur. Why? Well, the pro-Hamas demonstrators are well-armed when it comes to vulgar verbal chants and professing death to certain people and certain groups of people. But it was the members of law enforcement guarding the legislature who were well-armed with actual firearms. Thus, in the department of “they talk a mean game”, none of the pro-Hamas demonstrators are really all that keen on martyrdom after all…

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