Anti-child labour activist criticizes Trudeau: an encounter in Davos at the World Economic Forum

Ezra Levant hears from an anti-child labour activist who is critical of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government for lying about legislation claiming to protect children. Instead, this activist accuses Trudeau's government of helping provide cover to multinational companies.

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I'm bringing you another report from the streets of Davos, Switzerland, where we're here to cover the World Economic Forum's annual get together. It's a little chilly, which makes me chuckle because, of course, they talk about global warming and it's sort of freezing here. In fact, so many of the different pavilions along the street are setting up free hot chocolate and coffee for people because it's so bloody cold.

Anyway, so as I was walking here yesterday, before they were opening, a fella recognized me apparently, and stopped and watched as I was doing my monologue for the Ezra Levant Show. And he sort of watched. it was like I had a studio audience of one.

Afterwards he came up to me, and he said he knew the show and he knew our journalism and he wanted to tell me why he was here.

I asked him, Are you a delegate? He said, ‘No, I'm here like you, to try to hold these people to account.’ He said, one of the things that worries him is the amount of child labour in the world, and he says Canada is not immune to it. He says, in fact, some of the laws being designed to stop it in fact, enable it.

This is something I haven't had a chance to really do my due diligence on, this fellow's point of view. Although he did seem well-informed. But let me just present to you raw, a citizen activist. An activist who came up to me because he wanted someone to hear his concerns about child labour. And I am concerned, I suppose I don't think about it or do things about it that often.

But to hear this guy speak so passionately about it, I thought, you know what, let's give this guy a forum to say a few things because he certainly won't be allowed inside. So without further ado, my on-the-street encounter with an anti-child labour activist trying to get some movement here at Davos.

I'll let you watch and judge for yourself, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts — let me know what you think.

I'm here with a team of independent citizen journalists in Davos, and we're going to ask the questions the mainstream media will never ask. If you believe citizen journalism is crucial — and I believe it is — you can even chip in at to help us crowdfund our economy-class airfare and accommodations. 

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