Anti-Israel protesters at University of Ottawa refuse to speak with media unless approved by 'handlers'

'The most noteworthy takeaway is the unwillingness of protesters to speak, or even more fundamentally their obedience to their handlers, their masters,' said Robert Kraychik.

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On last night's episode of The Gunn Show, Rebel News reporter Robert Kraychik joined the show to shed light on the anti-Israel protests taking place at the University of Ottawa.

After reporting from the protests twice, Kraychik explained that demonstrators refuse to speak with him as they are directed by professional protest organizers or "handlers" not to converse with media that is not pre-approved.

Speaking about the protests, Kraychik explained, "There are these protest organizers let's call them, that's a charitable term, they are professional agitators."

"They're obviously not students, you can tell by the way they look, their age, their background — they don't speak English very well in some cases — and they're also known to people who I've come to know who pay attention to these things in Ottawa," he said.

"So the handlers, again not students, middle aged-people, are advising everyone, or let's put it this way, directing anyone who I may approach to solicit for a comment or interview, 'Don't speak to that guy. He's a right wing chud.'"

Kraychik went on to say, "It's clearly based on insecurity, and unwillingness to talk or at least a fear of demonstrators talking to media on the part of these organizers, these task masters, these handlers."

"It's obviously a reflection of insecurity. They're not confident that they're able to win in the battlefield of ideas. They don't think that the attendees at these demonstrations can elucidate or articulate positions that are persuasive or convincing."

Kraychik added that "It just shows a lack of confidence, at least on the part of the task masters, but even to one degree or another the fact that 99% of these demonstrators don't have the wherewithal or guts to just say, 'you know what, I want to talk to this guy' shows that they don't have the confidence either in themselves."

"And they're obedient, compliant, subservient to these people that they don't even know just because they've got this sort of self-induced aura of authority," Kraychik concluded.

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