UNFILTERED: Anti-lockdown activist charged for breaking Quarantine Act tells his side of the story

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Is the Sky falling...?

One of the biggest characters at the weekly #YahooNation protests is Christopher Saccoccia (also known as, Chris Sky). He's a 37-year-old man from King City, Ontario, and he was just charged with violating the federal Quarantine Act. 

Thousands of visitors, students and workers have come to Canada every month from around the world since the pandemic began. The federal government says that anyone arriving from outside the country must quarantine for 14 days, and provide contact information to authorities for followup and check-ins.

For the most part, the system is based on scout-swearing you'll do the right thing, making it virtually impossible to know who has really followed the rules, and who hasn't.

Chris and his wife, Jennifer, were charged after they openly and publicly boasted about not self-isolating after travelling to Europe, and it would seem that this was their cardinal sin: admitting to breaking the rules instead of staying quiet about it.

For doing that, Chris and Jennifer Saccoccia face fines as high as $1 million and one year in jail if found guilty. They've got a hearing scheduled for November 12, and plan to fight this the whole way.

Chris and Jennifer just dropped by the Rebel News studio in Toronto to give their side of the story, and talk about the long battle they have ahead. 

Spoiler alert: Chris says he will be getting legal representation and will file a challenge to the Quarantine Act based on his assertion that it violates his Charter rights.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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