Antifa tries to intimidate small group of parents protesting the sexual indoctrination of kids in B.C.

At least one call to recruit counter-protesters to show up at the demonstration was made in advance by a group called 'Community over Convoys.'

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On March 25, the Freedom Party of British Columbia organized its second protest against the “Sexualization of Children in B.C. Schools and Destroying the Concept of Gender” in Surrey.

Unlike their first protest where Muslims, Christians and Sikhs came together in peace to raise awareness about the sexual indoctrination of kids in schools, this time, the small group of concerned parents were outnumbered by an angry Antifa mob.

“F- OFF fascists,” Antifa (or Antifa wanabees) screamed at the small group of protesters while their demonstration began with the singing of the national anthem. At least one call to recruit counter-protesters to show up at the demonstration was made in advance by a group called “Community over Convoys.”  

The counter-protest instigators incorrectly labelled the protest as being run by a political party “against 2SLGBTQ+ rights” and pitched the invite to counter-protest against them as an opportunity to “stand against transphobia” and “fight fascism.”

“They don’t even know what they’re here for,” protester Kanwaljit Singh, who is the spokesperson for the Sikh Freedom Alliance told me while covering the protest.

Like all the protest attendees I spoke with, Singh believes people should have the right to be part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community but that does not mean that children should be exposed to sexually explicit books or be guided into being confused over whether or not they may have been born in the wrong body by public institutions.

A prominent aim for the activists who attended the small demonstration is raising awareness about and calling for the removal of the sexually explicit books in B.C. schools which show kids sexual acts and graphically detail pedophilia thanks to the province's approved SOGI 1-2-3 sexual orientation resources.

“As soon as anyone sees those books I don’t think anyone will be standing on the other side,” Singh added in response to the Antifa-like mob who yelled at the protesters the entire protest.

Unlike the Coquitlam RCMP, who seemed more concerned with chaperoning a Drag Queen character named Conni Smudge instead of preventing Smudge’s Antifa-like allies from assaulting protesters opposed to the sexual indoctrination of kids outside of the Coquitlam Public Library, the Surrey RCMP, Surrey Police, and Delta Police did an outstanding job of keeping the peace at this demonstration.

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For more info and to take a stand against the sexual indoctrination of kids in public spaces, go to our special website called

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