Are Marxist agendas to blame for a rise of sexualization of children in Canada?

'If you understand marxism, they believe that everything is owned by the State, including your children.'

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Are parental rights in Canada under attack by Marxist agendas that are sexualizing our children and treating them like property of the State? Recently I interviewed a men's coach, pro-freedom activist, and former People's Party of Canada candidate from New Brunswick named Nicholas Pereira who believes that is exactly what is happening.

Pereira is becoming well known in his province after sounding the alarm on the risks to children and parental rights he believes are associated with things like children being vaccinated without parental consent, and taxpayer-funded public libraries hosting Drag Queen Story Times where small children are introduced to various sexual identities and preferences.

“This is not anti-gay pride, and it’s not anti-LGBTQ,” explained Pereira when he elaborated on why Drag Queen Story Times are of concern. Pereira says that while such story times can come across as innocent, there is a darker side to them that ends up “twisting and confusing kids about their own sexuality and identity” which he believes will “create tremendous psychological damage as time goes on.”

Pereria is certainly not alone in being concerned in this area. Some Drag Queens like Kitty Demure have also come out publicly to advocate that drag entertainment be left for adult settings. A coalition of LGBTQ and allies called Gays Against Groomers have also publicly stood against the sexualization and indoctrination of children found in settings like drag queen story times in public libraries.

While Pereira has received a lot of support from his community for raising awareness in this area, he says he has also received backlash after the legacy media published articles that mention him and a sliver of what he is trying to advocate for, without reaching out to him for the appropriate context. Pereira also made headlines for confronting New Brunswick’s Minister of Education Dominic Cardy, after Cardy replied “They’re the provinces children” to a woman who had questioned Cardy about why the province believes it was ok to vaccinate children.

“If you understand marxism, they believe that everything is owned by the State, including your children,” said Pereira. Rebel News reached out to Mr. Cardy to see if he would like to elaborate on what he meant by telling a citizen children are “the provinces” but did not receive a response.

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