UPDATE: Arrested for using the beach in a gross display of power and abuse by Cobourg law enforcement

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Last summer, Rebel News extensively covered the closure of the beach in Cobourg, Ontario. I was actually one of our early FightTheFines.com cases, way back in then in the summer of 2020, after I was cuffed and detained by local police for refusing a trespass fine.

My crime? Strolling the Lake Ontario shoreline in protest of the arbitrary and legally questionable decision to fence off Victoria Park Beach.

You know that saying, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Well, in this Fight The Fines case, it appears it doesn't. During a protest — where David Menzies ended up jumping into the lake from the pier and my fellow Cobourgians also walked along the shore in protest of my arrest and the continued beach closure — my dad, Rocco Ugolini, ended up getting arrested and then un-arrested.

It was truly unbelievable and we had it all on camera.

So, naturally, I caught up with my dad to hear an update on his situation. I was also joined by our FightTheFines.com senior paralegal, Jenna Little, to get hear about her plan to fight this in court — despite a generous plea bargain being offered.

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