Arrivals from China tell Rebel News what Canada's new “enhanced” airport screening is really like

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“China Crisis” ain’t just the name of an ‘80s pop band from England...

Indeed, the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to worsen with every passing day. Yet, while this video was shot on what was supposed to be Day One of new screening measures for those flying into Canada, it’s pretty much business as usual at Canadian airports — even for flights originating in China, even though major carriers already took steps to cancel their own scheduled flights! That’s certainly what I discovered when I ventured out to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Did Prime Minister Justin (#WelcomeToCanada) Trudeau fib to us on Monday when he said it was time to get serious about the coronavirus? Because surely you’d think there would be enhanced screening for flights coming into Canada from China: you know, the country that is the epicentre of COVID-19!

But no, arriving passengers were merely given pamphlets about COVID-19 precautions and asked self-quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Feel more secure yet, folks?

But why such a lackadaisical approach to public safety by the federal government? Are the Trudeau Liberals suddenly rebranding themselves as fiscal conservatives, so they just don’t want to spend money on equipment that can remotely take the temperature of passengers? Or does Justin Trudeau simply not want to offend the Mandarins in Beijing? After all, lest we forget, China is one of those “basic dictatorships” our Prime Minister actually admires.

Talk about a “China Crisis” indeed, and one with no end in sight thanks to grotesque incompetence by those entrusted to govern us through good times and bad.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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