Will paid, fake protesters cause a disturbance at the peaceful freedom convoy rally in Ottawa?

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Trudeau denounced the convoy as racist and sexist and fringe just before hiding for five days. He made a point of saying how fringe it was. Now the convoy has arrived.

Justin Trudeau is hiding from them, and the police are being egged on to make arrests, what’s going to happen?

Well, probably nothing. But that’s if it all goes properly.

But as you know, the deep state likes its hoaxes, just as much as CBC and CTV do; and it serves Trudeau’s interests to have “proof” that all these protesters were evil criminal terrorists.

What happens if there is a fake event; a trap; a provocation? Here's what Ezra thinks:

And as you know, Ottawa is awash in actual dirty tricksters — Antifa thugs, who really do get violent; who really are professional activists and violent types. People who riot for hire; people who were the violent backbone to the Black Lives Matter riots, for example. The professional G20 rioters.

I’m worried about them coming to pick a fight. And that being turned into a spark that the deep state will use to justify their fever dream of an unlawful insurrection that proves we need to crack down on what remaining freedom we even have.

That’s my worry.

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Rebels including Ezra are in Ottawa for the weekend to report on what they see. Half our team will be there covering the news. You can track it all at ConvoyReports.com.

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