Shocker! No Canadian flags flying at U of T's 'Little Gaza'

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the loony squatters taking up residence here aren’t big on flying the Canadian flag.

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The most immediate thing one notices when visiting the filthy tent city at the University of Toronto is the number of flags flying. Not flags emblazoned with the Maple Leaf, mind you, but Palestinian flags. One might think they were in the Middle East, yet the Ontario legislature is situated less than a kilometre away.

But that’s how these “patriots” roll at “Little Gaza", a.k.a., “Palestine Martyr’s Square”, a.k.a., “The People’s Circle For Palestine.” (Indeed, the, Hitler Youth squatting here have adopted three names for this shite-hole in less than three weeks.)

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the loony squatters taking up residence here aren’t big on flying the Canadian flag. In our visits here, some unhappy campers have expressed hatred – yes, hatred – for our Dominion. It’s a sure sign of the woke indoctrination on campus, in which students are formally taught to despise Canada (but not, of course, Canadian taxpayer funding when it comes to money for their tuition by way of loans and grants.)

Oh, speaking of moolah, who’s paying for all of these Palestinian flags? And the dozens of tents? And all the outer accoutrements?

By the way, while walking the perimeter of the encampment (we were again deemed unworthy to gain entry inside), we surveyed the stately buildings around King’s College Circle. And it occurred to us: forget about the illegal tent city, there’s not a single Canadian flag on display by any of the University of Toronto buildings either. Is the flag of our great Dominion in the eyes of the woke administrators at U of T too… colonialist? Too… imperialist? Oh well…

Notably, there is one building that does at least have a flagpole mounted on its roof. And last weekend, somehow one of the pro-Hamas hobos was able to raise the flag of Palestine from this particular staff. Thankfully, on the day we visited, that garish flag so beholden by the haters had been removed. Yet nothing was flying in its place (i.e., the Maple Leaf.)

Then again, maybe this pole is being set aside for the flying of the so-called “pride progress” flag next month? Surely that uber-delusional protest group within the encampment known as “Queers for Palestine” will be thrilled with that flag raising… even though there are no queers in Palestine. Or if they do exist, they know well enough to stay firmly entrenched in the closet.


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