EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau underlings pressured India hotel to help cheat expense limit

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Rebel News is filing a formal legal complaint to the Auditor General asking for a forensic and thorough examination of Justin Trudeau's February 2018 trip to India, after expense improprieties were revealed in exclusively obtained internal government documents.

Email evidence details how Trudeau bureaucrats pressured an Indian hotel to participate in a scheme to hide their own expensive hotel rooms from auditors.

They had the hotel bill the delegation for an unused phantom executive suite and then undercharge for club rate rooms in exchange, to get the club rate rooms under the allowable expense limit.

Rebel News uncovered the bizarre plot in 1,700 pages of access to information documents from Global Affairs.

One planning email from the bureaucrats organizing accommodations broke the arrangement down:

“Hate to ask this given the multiple changes but my HQ has now come back asking if you can charge the [redacted] at the same rate as the Prime Minister suite and reduce the club room rates by the same amount. For example, charge 60,000 rupees for each night for the [redacted] and then reduce the club rooms to 12,900 rupees."

"your room revenue stays the same but on our side the payment is covered by a different party”

Another email reveals the hotel was providing the additional executive level suite at no charge, which resulted in an email from the Canadian bureaucrats insisting the Canadian delegation pay for the room to aid in the plan to offset the club room rates.

“It would be fair to share some of the extra charge between the RCMP and the ICA. Do you think the hotel would agree to charge the [redacted] at the same rate of the Prime Minister suite instead of at no cost at all?"

“And adjust the club rooms rates on [redacted] accordingly which would be a bit lower than 15,000.”

How many other times have Canadian taxpayers paid for things that no one had any intention of using, so that bureaucrats could abuse their expense accounts for nicer accommodations? Is this standard operating practice in the federal government?

This requires an audit.

At AuditTrudeau.com, you can sign our petition demanding that the Auditor General examine these expense claims. Rebel News is also hiring a lawyer who will draft a formal complaint asking for an audit.

To offset our legal costs to draft that letter demanding accountability from the government for their sketchy expense claims, please donate today at www.AuditTrudeau.com.

There are 1,700 pages of documents and this is just the tip of the iceberg. More to come.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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