Aussie doctor who helped lead Covid-19 vax campaign admits he hasn't been jabbed in years

A prominent figure in Australia's pandemic response, shares his decision to cease further vaccinations.

Aussie doctor who helped lead Covid-19 vax campaign admits he hasn't been jabbed in years
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Dr Nick Coatsworth, a key figure in Australia's Covid-19 response, has announced he will no longer receive Covid-19 vaccinations.

In an interview with Ben Fordham on 2GB, Coatsworth, who was one of the major public faces of Australia's 'pandemic fight,' stated he is done with the Covid jab.

“Are you still being vaccinated for Covid?” Fordham inquired.

“No,” Coatsworth responded.

“When did you stop doing that?”

“About two years ago, I had three vaccines, and that's been enough for me.”

When asked why he stopped, Coatsworth explained:

“Because I don't think I need any more Ben, and the science tells me that I don't.”

Current advice from the Department of Health and Aged Care claims that regular Covid-19 vaccinations, including boosters, are crucial for maintaining protection against severe illness, hospitalisation, and death, especially for those aged 65 and over or at higher risk.

The department encourages individuals to consult their health practitioners about vaccination options.

Earlier this year, Coatsworth stated that vaccine mandates were wrongly imposed after the Queensland Supreme Court ruled it unlawful to force police and paramedics to choose between vaccination or job loss. In his submission to the inquiry, he argued that mandates should be a "last resort," time-limited, and implemented by governments rather than employers.

Coatsworth criticised Australia's pandemic strategy for lacking an ethical framework, leading to a “disease control at all costs” approach, which he believes was inappropriate beyond the initial wave and resulted in workforce and testing shortages. He also highlighted the confusion caused by varying policies between states and the federal government, which he claimed eroded public trust and human rights.

He urged an amendment to the Biosecurity Act to ensure all disease control powers are federal during national emergencies.

Coatsworth, who was appointed deputy chief medical officer at the pandemic's onset in March 2020, now practices medicine in Canberra and serves as a presenter and health expert for Nine-Fairfax media. He appeared on Fordham’s show to promote his new TV program with Tracy Grimshaw, "Do You Want To Live Forever?"

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  • By Avi Yemini

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