Aussie experts call for the return of Covid restrictions

AMA warns of a 'fourth wave' of the coronavirus pandemic

Aussie experts call for the return of Covid restrictions
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The Australian Medical Association are among other experts calling for lockdown-style restrictions to be reimplemented to avoid a new surge of Covid cases.

NSW AMA president Dr Michael Bonning told journalists this week that he hoped the state government would ensure people were made to work from home again.

“That’s a conversation that I hope is being had this week within the (health) ministry and the state government,” he said.

The comments came as NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant reported a 40 per cent surge in Covid-19 cases across the state.

She said people needed “to be a little bit vigilant and apply common sense measures” in the lead-up to Christmas.

“Now is the time to take protective measures,” she said.

New Covid-19 cases had risen from 12,450 to 19,800 in one week.

“I can confirm we are entering the fourth wave of Covid,” Chant said.

She said people should wear masks in crowded, indoor settings, and hosting gatherings outside or with doors and windows open.

Radio host Ben Fordham slammed the AMA for wanting “to keep us hidden under the bed”.

“Seriously, some people haven't been to work for the best part of three years,” he said.

“We're only starting to see some of them back in the office and the AMA wants to send them home again. This attitude has had a devastating impact on small businesses that rely on foot traffic and the AMA wants it to happen all over again.

“We know the risks. We are protecting the most vulnerable. But we're not prepared to curl up in a ball and suck our thumb every time this happens.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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