Aussie store under fire for selling gender fluidity book 'aimed at primary school children'

'Queer Chameleon and Friends' sparks controversy with its illustrations and language promoting gender and sexual orientations to children.

Aussie store under fire for selling gender fluidity book 'aimed at primary school children'
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Big W stores have been blasted for selling a book that appears to promote gender fluidity to children. 

“Queer Chameleon and Friends” promotes numerous gender ideas as well as sexual orientations using cartoon-like illustrations and simple language. 

While listed on the store’s website under the genre “adult”, the book looks very much like it is for children. 

A man who posted a video of the book on social media complained: “Look at the way it’s illustrated and the simple language. You can’t tell me this book is not produced and marketed towards young children. It’s aimed at primary school children.” 

 The book’s chapter headings include “What the Flag”, “Coming Out” and “Beyond the Binary”. 

 The book lists and explains different gender identities including fluid gender, demi gender intersex gender and transgender and two spirited gender. 

 It also lists a number of sexual orientations, explaining in simple language what it means to be queer, lesbian omni-sexual, bisexual and gay. 

The Big W website lists the book, by British author Amee Wilson, for $16. 

Published by Penguin, the book is described as “a vibrant and uplifting collection of comic illustrations about LGBTQ+ life”. 

“Queer Chameleon and Friends reminds us that all experiences are valid,” the explanation says. 

It “explores aspects of existing in a world not always designed for you – from silly questions and awkward-but-sometimes-accurate clichés, to the trials and tribulations of coming out (or choosing not to)”. 

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  • By Avi Yemini

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