Aussies threatened with JAIL if they return home because of Coronavirus

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The Australian passport used to be more valuable than any other passport in the world, but this week, at the hands not of a foreign power but of our own, suddenly it's worthless.

On the front page of my Australian passport, it requests:

"Allow the bearer, an Australian citizen, to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford him or her every assistance and protection of which he or she may stand in need."

There are no conditions attached to that declaration in the name of her majesty Queen Elisabeth the second. There's certainly no mention of "unless you've been to India lately". And I reckon we can be pretty sure when it says "pass freely", it includes letting the holder come back home, especially in a time "he or she is likely in need of assistance and protection".

So how the heck does the Australian government believe they have the power to make it ILLEGAL, threatening massive fines and even JAIL for any fellow Aussie who dares use their passport to return home?

It's because of those of you who allowed them to trample on our fundamental human rights over the past 14 months.

This didn't happen overnight; you let the state and federal governments strip us of everything. You allowed the media to scare you into believing this is all for our own good.

Today the mainstream media and their collaborators are suddenly declaring this Indian ban as "a return of the white Australia policy". Which is laughable because their hero next door imposed the exact same ban on New Zealand citizens only a month ago.

Why have all of you been so quiet about Jacinda Ardern?

Is your hero a white supremacist or racist for it? Of course not. Her policies throughout this pandemic have been shocking, authoritarian and undemocratic, but not bigoted. So let's be clear, it's a horrific policy, not a racist one, just a disgraceful one. Just as outrageous as when Daniel Andrews stopped Victorians from being able to return home from their holidays in NSW during their outbreak in January.

The point is consistency matters.

Suppose you stand for human rights, especially of your own citizens. In that case, you must stand for it unconditionally, always, no matter what side of politics is trampling on it or when it suddenly matters to the mainstream media.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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