AUSTRALIA’S SHAME: Watch Melbourne police bodyslam our reporter covering a pandemic lockdown protest

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Police in Melbourne, Australia threatened a harsh response to protesters breaking COVID-19 restrictions by joining a Freedom March on September 5.

Victoria Police made numerous arrests in the days leading up to the anti-lockdown protest.

A pregnant mother arrested in front of her children and charged with incitement; a former soldier had his door knocked in before being tackled to the ground in his own home.

Assistant commissioner Luke Cornelius warned the protesters "feet won't touch the ground" days before the demonstration.

Even with the warnings, arrests, roadblocks and mass police presence, thousands still gathered at the planned time to protest Victoria's harshest lockdown restrictions.

Avi Yemini, the Chief Australian Correspondent for Rebel News, was suddenly tackled to the ground and ARRESTED while covering the anti-lockdown protest on Saturday.

The video of Avi's arrest prompted thousands to sign a petition calling for an end to the Victorian police state that detains JOURNALISTS for doing their job.

Seven News witnessed the police abuse but refused to report on it.

Rebel News footage shows veteran reporter Mr. Paul Dowsley calling police "dickheads" for threatening to arrest him. Yemini was released without charge and given a move on order. Police alleged the journalist hindered their enforcement by reporting from the scene.

The video speaks for itself.

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