BREAKING: Avi Yemini's new release knocks down Penny Wong's book on Amazon bestsellers list

Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini breaks his silence with his tell-all book, challenging false narratives and climbing the Amazon best sellers list.

BREAKING: Avi Yemini's new release knocks down Penny Wong's book on Amazon bestsellers list
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In just a matter of hours after its release, Avi Yemini's groundbreaking memoir, A Rebel From The Start, has swiftly surpassed Labor senate leader Penny Wong's 2019 book, Penny Wong: Passion and Principle, on the Amazon best sellers list.

Avi's book has soared to number 9 on the list, while Wong's book now sits at number 10, causing a stir among Labor supporters.

Rebel From The Start serves as a powerful platform for Avi to reclaim his narrative and confront the false narratives perpetuated by those who claim to know him.

Avi candidly acknowledges that his road to success has been far from easy, starting with his humble beginnings as the 10th child in a family of 17 siblings.

The memoir takes readers on a tumultuous journey through his troubled teenage years, where he found himself battling drug addiction and frequently facing legal troubles while living on the streets.

However, Avi's life took a dramatic turn when he found redemption in the Israeli army and eventually returned to Australia.

For the first time, he unveils the details of a toxic relationship that became a weapon in the hands of his adversaries, who sought to use it against him.

With nothing held back, Avi paints a raw and honest picture of his life, acknowledging that not every moment is something to be proud of but asserting his pride in the person he has become today.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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