MUST WATCH: Avi Yemini steps in for woman violently arrested in Melbourne

Another shameful moment for Victoria Police caught on camera.

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On Saturday, police swarmed Princess Park in Carlton North, attempting to shut down a protest that never eventuated.

Thousands of officers descended on the inner-city park confronting locals lawfully out enjoying the day.

Sitting on a park bench with her husband drinking tea, one woman refusing to show ID police violently tackled to the ground.

Mainstream media quickly photographed the woman as police had her pinned to the gravel, labelling her a protester.

But none of them spoke to their alleged "protester".

If they had, they'd know she was innocent.

I did speak to the traumatised woman and her husband.

I also spoke to witnesses who corroborated their story.

That's why we're providing the couple with a free lawyer through our program.

Police are out of control, and I let them know it.

Would you please donate what you can to help us fight the egregious ticket if you're willing and able? Every dollar helps. Click here to donate now.

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