Aylmer’s trans community (pop. 2) protests outdoor sermon at Church of God, calls cops on Rebel News

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder in this day and age of COVID insanity, things become bat-shite crazy!

Last Sunday, we visited the Church of God in Aylmer, Ont. Two days prior to that, Ontario Superior Court Justice Bruce Thomas had ordered that new locks be placed on the exterior doors of the church. This was done to punish this place of worship for allegedly ignoring the Wuhan virus gathering rules. The church was also fined $117,000. Gross.

But that didn’t stop the sermon from going on — it was simply shifted outdoors. And a fun time was had by all.

Well, not all. Apparently, the transgender community of Aylmer loathes concepts such as freedom to assemble and freedom to worship. Odd, that. Aren’t these the same folks who demand that society be more tolerant and accepting of them?

But apparently tolerance is a one-way street. That’s what we discovered when we encountered a transgender person named Rayne. Rayne was on the opposite side of the road protesting the Church of God, looking absolutely resplendent in a Hilarious House of Frightenstein face-diaper. (The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, by the way, was an early ‘70s CHCH-TV comedy/horror series about… monsters. I’m not making this up, folks.)

In any event, Frightenstein — er, I mean, Rayne — told us that she was once a man who had transitioned into a woman and was very upset to be “misgendered” (I slipped up with that whole he/him, she/her, ze/zir pronoun thingy...) So, a big mea culpa, mea culpa to Rayne.

As well, we were told that a woman sitting inside a nearby SUV was Rayne’s wife. Rayne-wife’s preferred form of communication consisted of laying on the horn whenever triggered. Which was often. She was very upset about the number of people not wearing masks outside, given that this creates an unhealthy environment. She then reached for a cigarette and manically puffed away, apparently oblivious to the irony.

But get this: these two snowflakes were so triggered by our questions that they called the police. And two members of the Aylmer police actually responded! And we were sternly told by the law enforcement version of Dumb & Dumber that asking trans demonstrators impolite questions (even on public property) is a form of… harassment?! And that if we continued to practice journalism, we would be arrested.

They actually said that! My heart breaks for the people of Aylmer that these cranky cops are unable to fathom such nuances as freedom of the press. Then again, maybe they thought they were enforcing the law in North Korea or Iran? Weird…

In any event, we had already concluded our “interview” with Frightenstein and wife. And so it was that we crossed the street to enter the grounds of the Church of God. It was like going from Hell to Heaven, and we were delighted to meet up with the hundreds of friendly people who had gathered on the lawns of the church to hear an invigorating service by Pastor Henry Hildebrandt. And thank God for that! For it was indeed a measure of salvation that we were able to converse with so many wonderful, freedom-loving, NORMAL people… a welcome tonic to the ghastly transgender horror show and the new age Keystone Cops act that we had left behind across the street…

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  • By Ezra Levant

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