B.C. nurse on welfare instead of saving lives due to vaccine mandates scolds Provincial Health Services Authority

A B.C. nurse who was terminated last November after not complying with the government's coercive vaccine mandates against healthcare workers gave the Provincial Health Services Authority’s (PHSA) board of directors a piece of her mind last month.

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Footage of the poised and logical line of questioning raised by Aurora Bisson-Montpetit during a board meeting for the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) on November 16th has been making its rounds on social media this week. Like thousands of other healthy B.C. nurses who have been either laid off without pay or terminated due to lingering vaccine mandates, Bisson-Montpetit was terminated from her position at the currently patient-packed BC Children's Hospital last November.

“I as a nurse, one of the many thousands am on welfare lining up for food stamps every two weeks because you continue to uphold a mandate that is not scientific, ethical, moral, or lawful. How do you sit right with yourself?” These were just some of the stern words Bisson-Montpetit directed to the board during its Q&A period.

Bisson-Montpetit also went on to discuss how vaccine injuries were being underreported while she was working in the health field by stating that "the vaccine roll-out is one of the prime examples of doing more harm than good," adding that "the safety and efficacy have been grossly exaggerated and the harms purposefully and egregiously minimized and hidden.”

Prior to the meeting, Bisson-Montpetit had sent out an email to all board members which included scientific data and expert opinions supporting her reasoning for beginning a self-led investigation into the PHSA.

The PHSA describes itself as having a “unique role in BC's health authority system: to ensure that BC residents have access to a coordinated provincial network of high-quality specialized health-care services.” The body works closely with health authorities and health professionals including BC’s provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, yet for some reason, continues to support lingering vaccine mandates against healthy and capable jab-free nurses while the province's healthcare system is short-staffed and the province pledges to spend millions bringing in foreign nurses.

BC's ongoing vaccine mandates are not only illogical but they are not supported by science either. As detailed in my exclusive undercover report with a Senior Pfizer Executive, Diane Thomson, we know that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission, and they were not even tested to see if they could or for their efficacy rate prior to them being coercivley injected into the arms of many.

“If you are wrong and you are ignoring these warning signals that I’ve sent to you, you are continuing to contribute to the grave harms and murders of people in this province,” Bisson-Montpetit stated just before concluding with the question she had come to seek an answer to.

“Are you 100% sure that the information that I have sent to you is not correct? That is my question to you” she concluded. After a few moments of silence, PHSA’s President & CEO, a registered nurse named David Byres responded, “I have reviewed your information and I am confident in the evidence the province is using.”

Click on the full video report to hear Bisson-Montpetit explain the reason she found the courage to hit the board with facts that unfortunately fell on deaf ears. If you appreciate that Rebel News informed you of this important story, please consider making a donation to support our work at RebelNews.com/donate.

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