Sunday Gunday: Lisa Song Sutton tests out AK-47, Sig Sauer MPX, Ruger 1022

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We enjoyed another great Sunday GunDay! This time, we brought paper and steel targets with us. This weekend I wanted to highlight the following firearms:

  • AK-47 with a 45-round magazine: This particular AK-47 was made in China and I find it to be extremely heavy and clunky.
  • Sig Sauer MPX pistol: This firearm is amazing. It only shoots 9mm rounds, but has incredible power. Even for a petite woman like myself, utilizing the arm brace helped a lot with control and recoil.
  • Ruger 1022 rifle: This shoots .22 caliber rounds, so it's great for training since .22 ammo is on the less expensive side. Using the scope is fun and you can hear the pings on the metal target that we had out.

A good tip to remember: it's important to expose yourself to as many different types of firearms as possible. It provides you with an opportunity so that you can learn and decide what is the best fit and comfort level for your own personal use.

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