Barbara Kay: 'To me, Hamas is ISIS! They have the same values, they have the same goals, and it's terrible'

Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra delved into the horrors of Hamas in an in-depth conversation with Barbara Kay, a senior columnist at The National Post.

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About 18 or 19 days ago, Ezra witnessed something that deeply shocked him. It wasn't just his concern for Israel, a democracy and the homeland of Jews, but it was the profound brutality that left him struggling to comprehend.

It wasn't about political solutions or strategies; it was the most inhumane and diabolical thing he's ever witnessed, akin to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum coming to life, but even worse.

What hit him the hardest wasn't just the threat to Israel's democracy or the death toll; it was the cruel jubilation that still haunts him. He is still reeling from it, and  can't believe it. 

Ezra Levant was joined by Barbara Kay, a senior columnist at The National Post to get her opinion on the matter.

"It's it's very hard to process. I think that Jews of our generation, my generation in their wildest dreams, could not imagine that this would be happening again," said Kay. "And seeing Einsatzgruppen invading Israel, which we thought was totally secure, that was the one place where Jews would be safe. I'm finding it very difficult to see that jubilation."

Kay continued:

It's very sickening. And it reminds me very much of the scenes that we heard about and saw a little bit of when icis some years ago and the Islamic State was rampaging through Syria and Iraq and burning people alive and dropping people caged into the river to drown. And I mean, the sadism of the way they kill people was extremely shocking.

And to me, Hamas is ISIS! They have the same values, they have the same goals. So it's terrible. And of course, it's made all the worse by, as you say, seeing scenes of Muslims rejoicing around the world. But even worse than that, seeing students and non-Muslims or rejoicing with them and talking about any means necessary is a form of resistance.

They call it resistance. They call it a response to colonial colonization so that anything that resists colonization, you can forget about morality, you can forget about, you know, basic human decency, that it's all it's all tolerable or it certainly is when Jews are the or the or the victims. I don't remember anybody when ISIS was rampaging through the Middle East.

"Hitler's ambitions were only to kill all the Jews in Europe. Hamas's plan or wish and Hezbollah is to kill all the Jews in the world, that's in their charter," Kay concluded.

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