Bashir Mohamed crashes Edmonton Catholic School Board meeting over allegedly racist dress policy

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An Islamic refugee from Somalia crashed an Edmonton Catholic School Board meeting earlier this week. Bashir Mohamed, someone who has been described as a “real life troll” by the National Post raised his fist in the air in protest, as the board Chair began reading scripture from the Gospel of Matthew.

His issue was that a school kicked an elementary student out for wearing what the administration described as a “gang symbol.” Mohamed, always the first to cry “racism” attached himself personally to this story, which led him to this week's meeting.

Mohamed has a history of being arrested for real time interruptions of public events. It is his modus operandi to scream and yell at public figures when he does not get his way. That is exactly what happened when he infiltrated a Jason Kenney event (then Minister of Immigration) to demand answers on what Mohamed called federal cuts to healthcare. His decision to target Kenney, who was heading an unrelated ministry appeared arbitrary. The goal was not to get results, but to raise a stink.

Bashir Mohamed is an activist with a bad temper. I have had my own interactions with him, none of them pleasant. In fact, while I was working on a story, asking the socialist former Minister of Education, David Eggen, questions about his abysmal record of failing math students, Mohamed pushed me off the sidewalk, across a bike lane, and into oncoming traffic.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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