BBC unveils new 'Verify' initiative to 'address the growing threat of disinformation'

'So they're using deceptive tactics to fight deception. They're using inauthentic fakes to fight fake news and they say this is to improve trustworthiness,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Levant examined the British Broadcasting Corporation's latest initiative to "combat disinformation and enhance audience trust" called BBC Verify.

As stated by Levant, "Why is this team above the newsroom? Why isn't it part of the newsroom? Why isn't it just the rest of the newsroom? Now I've met some BBC journalists, I like some I dislike most, but imagine the hubris of this young lady saying she is somehow above the other journalists."

"By the way, do you trust this young lady to tell you about war zones by her ability to look at Google Maps. She's 27, and I looked her up, she has a degree in speaking French and Russian, which are interesting, but what exactly makes her an expert about anything other than I suppose, the French and Russian languages," added Levant.

He went on to say, "Why is she more senior than other BBC journalists who have actually say, done war reporting? Would a war reporter for the BBC tell you better what the truth is than some social media TikTok star? She says that mistruths can cause harm, and you can rely on her to identify that harm."

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