B.C. coach calling on Dr. Bonnie Henry to let kids play sports

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When COVID-19 restrictions first swept across Canada, we were repeatedly told things like “stay home, stay safe”, and “do it for the vulnerable,” but for many of our most precious in society, such sayings couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’ve always known that children need normality and stability to stay healthy. But it’s become clear that our political health advisers’ twisted version of a new norm offers the complete opposite of “normal” for our most vulnerable, our children.

Early on, when COVID-19 restrictions continued to be forced on society after “just two weeks,” statistics like a 70 per cent increase in calls to crisis centres for kids should have been enough for our so-called “health” advisers to consider how much normalcy they had ripped away from our children. You think that would have caused an immediate switch in how such authorities addressed life with COVID, but instead, it’s a year later, and just as we’ve seen a threefold increase in youth suicide attempts, we’ve also seen an increase in COVID-19 restrictions sweeping across the country.

Our public health officers may be content to ignore this horrific epidemic, but one Langley, B.C. father and coach, named Brent Larsen, is no longer willing to sit around without advocating for our children’s normality to be returned. Larsen understands just how important all aspects of team sports are for our children. He says that B.C.’s public health orders, which currently allow children to practice sports outdoors, yet forbid them to participate in games, are not good enough.

Larsen has created a petition called “Open Sporting Games for BC Children,” calling on Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry to justify the science behind the restrictions and to make changes on behalf of the children and their parents who want the right to be able to watch their kids play.

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