BC fails to shut down protesters demonstrating against gender ideology for kids on North Van highway overpass

Despite pushback from state-preferred media, a local mayor and the province of BC, a group of determined protesters raising awareness about radical gender ideology being taught in schools could not be deterred from spreading their message on a North Vancouver HWY overpass this past Thursday.

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For nearly 10 months a handful of protesters have been faithfully waving flags and hoisting pro-freedom-minded banners related to government overreach once a week on highway overpasses in the greater Vancouver area.

Their preferred method of peaceful protest has only recently become an issue to the province once one of their banners included a loud and clear message opposing gender ideology for kids.

Despite one of the small group of activists being a gay man and many parents across Canada becoming increasingly concerned about the sexual indoctrination of kids in schools, CTV put out a hit piece on the activists labelling them as anti-LGBTQ+.

North Vancouver Mayor Linda Buchanan also jumped on the "all people who want kids to be free from sexual indoctrination are hateful bigots" bandwagon.

In a statement on Twitter, Mayor Buchanan accused the group of spreading “incredibly hateful, derogatory and false messages” about the LGBTQ+ community and even dabbled in counter-activism herself by calling on “allies everywhere” to use their voices “to push back on hate.”

Buchanan’s statement further included that her office contacted the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation regarding the protests. That Ministry zip-tied notices labelling the protests “regular gatherings” and demanding the protesters cease what the Ministry labelled an occupation, or risk being removed and their belongings “at the cost to the occupants.”

Yet, CTV, Mayor Buchananor and the threats of B.C.’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation didn’t stop the determined bunch this past Thursday. Instead, the group multiplied and had a larger turnout than before the pushback.

Click on the full video report to watch me speak to the overpass protest organizer Rob Webb and others about why the pushback against their protests didn’t deter them from rallying this past Thursday.

Due to the many reports we’ve covered where trans activists who oppose protests against radical gender ideology for kids become threatening or physically violent, Rebel News hired two bodyguards to keep me safe.

If you would like to chip in the costs to help us recoup that cost and be safe in future reports please go to JournalistDefenceFund.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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