BC NDP promising “FREE” money to voters ahead of snap election — and this isn't buying votes?

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Premier John Horgan has asked British Columbians to deal with a snap election on October 24, after assuring them earlier in the year that he had no plans to do so.

The decision to call the election has been criticized by many, even BC NDP supporters. BC Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau, whose support enabled the NDP to take power after the last election, slammed Horgan on Twitter, saying the move was motivated by “the pursuit of power.”

It’s not just the motives behind why the BC NDP called the snap election that have some people losing faith in the party. Some are questioning the BC NDP’s expensive platform, including a proposed recovery benefit which BC Liberal candidate Jas Johal says is the NDP’s “attempt to bribe British Columbians.”

Watch my full report for more insight on the NDP’s platform promises, ones that are expected to increase BC’s deficit by billions!

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