BC’s terminated nurses can get their jobs back IF Bonnie Henry ends her COVID vaccine mandate

Nurses terminated for not getting two COVID jabs back in 2021 have learned they will be permitted to get their jobs back only if the province's public health officer rescinds her COVID vaccine mandate by January 31, 2025.

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In today's report, Corinne Mori, a terminated RN who helped save lives in B.C.'s interior until the province's no-jab-no-pay policy kicked her to the curb, joins Rebel News to discuss the long-awaited outcome of hundreds of grievances filed by COVID-jab-free nurses.

On May 23, the BC Nurses Union (BCNU) announced that it had reached an agreement with the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) that permits the nurses to have their jobs returned to them depending on whether B.C.'s Public Health Officer rescinds or amends her COVID vaccine mandate by January 31, 2025.

In recent months, the NDP has received harsh criticism for being the only province in the country to still have such a mandate in place despite the province's healthcare system experiencing critical staffing shortages.

Mori, who has been working as a legal advocate for the terminated nurses who largely feel their union failed to represent them adequately when they needed them the most, shares why the agreement falls short.

Chartered Financial Analyst Lex Acker, who has examined the BCNU's financial statements, also joins Rebel News to share some concerning findings about why a potential conflict of interest could have been preventing the union from doing so.

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