Biden's Title IX changes stir debate over impacts on parental rights and school reporting obligations

Critics express concern over implications for mandatory reporting of suspected abuse, particularly regarding affirming students' gender identities.

Biden's Title IX changes stir debate over impacts on parental rights and school reporting obligations
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In the wake of President Joe Biden’s administration releasing comprehensive updates to Title IX regulations, much attention has centered on the potential effects these changes could have on female athletes. However, this isn't the only issue raising concerns.

Critics have highlighted that the updated regulations, which the administration claims aim to provide more protection for LGBTQ students, might also shield trans-identifying males competing on women’s sports teams. Additionally, some worry about the broader consequences of these rules, the Daily Wire reports.

Candice Jackson, former Acting Assistant Secretary in the Department of Education under the Trump administration, warned that the revised policies could complicate existing rules, particularly those requiring schools to report suspected abuse. She noted that the Department of Education's stance on treating individuals according to their gender identity might compel schools to report non-affirming parents to Child Protective Services.

"A disturbing corollary of Biden's Title IX Rule: w/policies reflecting the Ed Dept's position that refusing to treat someone 'consistent w/gender identity' damages mental health, schools will now HAVE TO consider reporting 'non-affirming' parents to Child Protective Services," Jackson posted on X.

She elaborated that the Department's response to concerns over family interference was to dismiss them, stating that Title IX doesn't interfere with family matters and that schools aren't required to address harassment outside of school. Nonetheless, Jackson underscored that schools remain mandatory reporters under state laws.

According to Jackson's interpretation, the Biden administration considers a failure to affirm a student’s gender identity as potentially harmful to the child's mental health. As a result, parents who do not actively support their child's gender identity may be viewed as contributing to such harm.

With educators legally obligated to report suspected abuse, they might be compelled to report parents who don't support their children’s gender transitions or object to schools aiding in these transitions.

Biden's changes to Title IX coincide with Illinois' recent efforts to redefine abuse to include non-affirmation of gender identity. This could enable the state to involve Child Protective Services in removing children from households where parents don't support transitioning or assist in accessing puberty blockers, hormones, or surgeries.

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