Bill Gates claims governments need ‘global surveillance team’ to strengthen WHO, fight misinformation and prepare for next pandemic

The disgraced billionaire was recently questioned about his thoughts on how governments around the world can better prepare for the next global virus.

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The founder of Microsoft and disgraced billionaire, Bill Gates, while sporting a World Economic Forum pin, spoke with Al Jazeera host Folly Bah Thibault about a range of medical health topics including Malaria and pandemic preparedness.

Gates was asked about his thoughts on why and how we can prepare for the next pandemic.

He answered, “well, governments are there to protect us,” and continued with a call for Orwellian overwatch, “but the pandemic is a disaster that they didn't prepare for. The extra resources required to have a global surveillance team to make better diagnostic technologies to do quick detection, it's actually not going to be that expensive once the world gets organized and makes it a priority.”

He touched on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines around the world needing improvement “so that they block getting infections, making them so they last a long, long time.”

Governments around the world implemented legal medical discrimination against their citizens on the basis of protecting others with the understanding that vaccines stopped transmission. PM Trudeau of Canada famously won re-election by 'protecting' Canadians from the unvaccinated, going as far as to say he had no sympathy for the hardships they faced from the tyranny of government.

Bill Gates added that we need to “strengthen the WHO”. The United Nations agency is calling for a controversial "International Pandemic Treaty" to be signed across all governments that will last “centuries to come”. The organization has been criticized for its close ties to China while the nation hid the origin of COVID-19 in early 2020.

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This recommendation comes off as odd from the American tech oligarch with no formal education in medical health and whose ex-wife said the reason for their splitting was due to his close connections with infamous child trafficker. Jeffrey Epstein.

The host continued her pandemic preparedness line of questioning and asked for Gates’ thoughts on ‘misinformation and disinformation,’ and ‘bizzare right-wing conspiracy theories'.

Gates said, “It's tragic that probably prevented some people from using masks or taking the vaccine when they needed it, you know, So it did lead to polarization and even more death than we have to experience." Gates then mysteriously ended by asking the host, “who do you trust?”

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