Bill Morneau RESIGNS — but Trudeau prorogues Parliament to keep Liberal Party in power

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Justin Trudeau is placing his government on life support.

After the embarrassing resignation of Bill Morneau, Trudeau will crawl to the (also disgraced) Governor General, Julie Payette, to beg that she put Parliament in the deep freeze.

For example, Trudeau will cancel changes to the Criminal Code that would have made conversion therapy illegal.

Now whether you agree with banning conversion therapy or not, just weeks ago Trudeau would have told you that this is “lifesaving legislation” that would prevent the suicides of LGBT youth.

Trudeau decided today, of course, that keeping his government on life support was more important than a gay child who commits suicide as a result of conversion therapy. It sounds harsh, but that is exactly the decision that Trudeau made today. The life of his government is more important than the life of kids (if you believe his rhetoric from 2019).

Bill Morneau may have gone, but like a Hydra, he will be replaced with more scandal and incompetence.

For example, Chrystia Freeland (a former reporter and granddaughter of a Nazi collaborator) is now Canada’s Minister of Finance.

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  • By Keean Bexte

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