Billboard Chris says it’s 'psychologically abusive' telling a child that they’re 'born wrong'

Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, joins Ezra to talk about his face-to-face interactions with people across the globe as he challenges the promotion of gender ideology for children.

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On the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra explained how for someone, it's easy to feel brave when they're safely behind a keyboard or phone screen. But imagine going out into the world and wearing a message like "nobody's born in the wrong body" or "kids shouldn't use puberty blockers" on a billboard or sandwich board.

This person is making a bold statement against mainstream views on transgender issues, especially in the most progressive areas. Imagine going out to some of the most progressive cities and confronting your critics in person. This takes not only emotional courage but physical courage too. Ezra said that when the left encounters a narrative they disagree with, their response isn't usually to engage in debate but rather to try to "cancel" it.

Ezra was talking about Chris Elton, also known as Billboard Chris, who then joined him on the show. Chris resides in one of those progressive cities, Vancouver, but he travels across the globe, spreading his straightforward message and working diligently to win hearts and minds one person at a time. 

"When you go into the world and interact with real people, you never know who you're going to meet," said Ezra. "You never know what you're going to say or what they're going to say."

Ezra inquired about the number of people Chris has engaged with during his numerous street interactions. Chris said it would likely be in the thousands.

"I've heard everything that the left has to say, and really they only ever have the same two or three things to say," said Chris. "I sometimes call this the Gender Wars Attack of the Clones because it's the same exact argument every single time."

Chris also added:

All they have to say is that kids are going to 'kill themselves if you don't let them transition.' This is the number one argument.

They always say it's a 'despicable maniac manipulation.' It's used to coerce parents to go along with this.

They're told you can have a dead son or a trans daughter. Yeah, these people believe that puberty blockers are reversible. Which of course, is not true. Time is not reversible. If you stop a child from going through their natural development for years, they don't get to go back to when they were ten years old and resume going through puberty.

Those years of development are gone and there's a few other arguments that these people come up with, but it's very helpful to go out on the street. You see a totally different perspective than you would just online. And I think as humans we evolved to talk to each other one on one. And I think it's still really important that we do this in the real world, not just online where we're in our echo chambers.

"So that's why I started going outside to do this, because I think it's really effective at spreading the word to people who would otherwise never hear any of this," Chris concluded.

"These kids who defy these stereotypes, who are a little bit different, are now being led to believe that they must be trans, they must have been born in the wrong body. What a psychologically abusive thing to tell a child that you're born wrong. Yeah, this makes no sense at all. We should be telling them they're beautiful, just as they are."

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