Black Texan shot by police doesn't get BLM support — because he questioned the narrative

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Johnathan Price was shot to death by a police officer on October 2, allegedly after heroically breaking up a domestic violence dispute between two people he did not know.

According to ABC News, bodycam footage that has not yet been released to the public supports that Price’s fatal shooting, was in fact, unlawful. Price was shot four times in the torso, and the officer responsible was rapidly fired and charged with murder.

Since his death, Price’s community has come out in mourning, calling the 31-year-old local football star a “hometown hero.”

Yet, despite the heart-breaking details surrounding the tragic loss of a beloved, upstanding member of the community who happened to be African American at the hands of police – there is no outrage.

In fact, the late Johnathan Price is being disparaged by some commenters after his death almost more than the white officer who shot him. That mockery is likely coming directly from people who constantly scream “Black Lives Matter!”

Why? Because Johnathan Price made several Facebook posts against Black Lives Matter, and in support of treating everyone as an individual – even police officers.

One of Price’s Facebook posts reads: “I’m on the same fence as Lil Wayne, with him saying a white cop saved his life.” He continued to say “Not saying black lives don’t matter, but don’t forget about your own, or your experiences through growth.”

My report takes a closer look at Johnathan Price’s opinions on police brutality and the current civil unrest, as well as unmasks when the Black Lives Matter movement shows they really don’t care about black lives  just their own narrative.

Watch the full report here

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