Blacklock's evicted from PPG offices by armed security after complaints from subsidized journalists

'We will now see the Press Gallery in court. Our subsidized competitors met in secret, plotted punitive measures over petty grievances and served an eviction notice accompanied by armed police. Their conduct is outrageous,' Blacklock's said Monday morning.

Blacklock's evicted from PPG offices by armed security after complaints from subsidized journalists
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Friday's removal by force came on the heels of a Thursday Blacklock’s article, based on access to information filings, which reported a meeting with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and 35 news companies relating to the delivery of over half a billion dollars in federal subsidies to failing publishers.

Blacklock's is the only Parliamentary Press Gallery (PPG) member eligible for federal subsidies that neither solicits nor accepts government funding.

According to Blacklock's Monday morning, the eviction proceeded PPG reporters becoming annoyed that Blacklock's reporters were actually working:

Eviction followed Gallery president Guillaume St-Pierre’s threat to “terminate” Blacklock’s membership. The eviction letter stated Blacklock’s managing editor Tom Korski was “impolite,” “disturbs the journalists around him” and “streams parliamentary committee hearings on his computer.”

The complaints were made by three reporters: Emilie Bergeron and Michel Saba of Canadian Press and freelancer Hélène Buzzetti, a former Gallery president. Fourteen other reporters assigned desks in the National Press Building did not sign the complaint.

In a 2021 motion at a PPG meeting, Blacklock's called on members to disclose any and all funds received from the government. The motion was defeated by PPG members.

Blacklock's describes itself as shareholder-owned, and Blacklock's reporters are company shareholders.

Blacklock's was denied the opportunity to appeal to the PPG president. "The Press Gallery action is clearly reprisal. We will fight."

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