BLACKMAIL: CBC boss threatened to pull ad spending with Twitter, push for censorship legislation if the platform didn't silence users

Tait also hinted that CBC was working with the Trudeau government to 'remove the flow of hate' on Twitter.

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Exclusive access to information documents obtained by Rebel News show Catherine Tait, CEO of Trudeau’s state broadcaster, told the social media giant the company must censor tweets or Trudeau would bring in laws to force them to do so.

Internal communications reveal Tait, the New York-based CEO of CBC, issued an overt threat to the social media platform, insinuating that if Twitter doesn't ban the people the CBC wants to be silenced, the CBC may stop advertising on Twitter.

See Ezra's full investigative report here:

Tait also hinted that CBC was working with the Trudeau government to "remove the flow of hate" on Twitter.

Bill C-11 is Trudeau's latest attempt to regulate what Canadians can see online.

Read the documents:

Unlike CBC, a recipient of 1.2 billion dollars in annual taxpayer subsidies, Rebel News will never take a penny from the government.

The independent investigation into CBC's attacks on the rights of Canadians to express themselves in the digital public square was made possible through crowdfunded donations to

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