Border crisis 'totally out of control,' only Trump can fix it: U.S. veteran in Texas

Alexa Lavoie hears from a veteran who travelled all the way to Texas from Alaska to see the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border firsthand.

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Rebel News reporters Alexa Lavoie and Lincoln Jay have travelled to the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas, as a crisis of illegal crossings continues to unfold under President Joe Biden.

The situation has gotten so bad at the border that Governor Greg Abbott has stationed Texas National Guard troops there, deploying razor wire in an effort to reduce the record numbers of people illegally entering the U.S.

While surveying the scene at the border fence in Eagle Pass, the Rebel team ran into a U.S. military veteran who had a lot to say about Biden's border crisis.

"I came down here to see what's going on," the veteran from Alaska told Rebel News. "You can't believe everything you see on the news, and that's why we're here."

The border crisis is "totally out of control," he said, after having now seen it firsthand. "And the people down here trying to control it aren't getting any help from Washington."

The man encouraged Gov. Abbott to continue pushing back against the Biden administration, even if that means keeping the Texas National Guard stationed at the border.

With Republicans hammering Democrats over the border crisis, the veteran said he feels only one person can get the situation under control: former president Donald Trump.

"He's the only guy that can come in from day one and straighten this country out," he says. The veteran lamented that his grandkids and great-grandkids wouldn't experience as prosperous a country as he grew up with.

Addressing critics who say people are crossing the border for humanitarian reasons, the veteran was clear: "You've got to take care of your own country first. You can't bring all these people in and bring all our living standards down to where they came from. You just can't take these people into the country."

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