Brampton city councillor pleads for provincial government to restore order and decorum in Brampton

Brampton city councillor, Jeff Bowman is taking a stand against Patrick Brown, a mayor who has turned Brampton into a cesspool of corruption, coverups, and cronyism since he was first elected in 2018.

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At the Nikki Kaur campaign kickoff for Mayor of Brampton last Saturday, we bumped into Brampton councillor Jeff Bowman. Bowman will not be running for re-election next month, but he’s doing everything in his power in the weeks ahead to help “fix” Brampton. 

Indeed, Bowman is part of a group of councillors that are taking a stand against Sneaky Patrick Brown, a mayor who has turned Brampton into a cesspool of corruption, coverups, and cronyism since he was first elected in 2018. 

The most recent case in point: Sneaky Patrick recently cancelled all city council meetings in Brampton until after the October elections, ostensibly because he wanted to distance himself from prickly questions and bad publicity.  

Alas, the City of Brampton, under the Sneaky One, has devolved into a banana republic (albeit without the banana trees). It’s disgraceful on two fronts: the inherent corruption that goes unchecked and the fact that Brown pretends to be a conservative. That’s odd, given that the likes of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (of which Brown was once the leader) and the Conservative Party of Canada (of which Brown was once a contender for leader) want absolutely nothing to do with this liar. 

Little wonder that Bowman in August was a co-author of a scathing press release (along with four other anti-Brown Brampton city councillors) that stated the following: 

The latest evidence of wrongdoing, showing that Brown has been using taxpayer-funded City Hall staff to work on his federal campaign to become the conservative leader came as no surprise to us and members of the public who have watched for four years as the media have reported on irregularities in hiring and procurements. Brown’s friends have been getting lucrative contracts for work that was never completed. 

If the Mayor and these Councillors are not held accountable for their actions today they will continue to use this abusive tactic of not showing up to Council meetings to avoid the results of important audits and investigations from being made public so that taxpayers are fully aware of what’s happening at their City Hall. Patrick Brown is ignoring his obligations to taxpayers and to the City of Brampton. He continues to take residents and taxpayers of our City for granted.

Bowman stepped up his plea for justice earlier this month when he visited Queen’s Park to make his case that the province must step into police the ongoing Sneaky Patrick Brown Circus Sideshow in Brampton. Bowman also made a plea to Premier Doug Ford to ensure that Brown is not given so-called "strong mayor" powers. Recently, the Ontario government passed a bill allowing the next mayors of Toronto and Ottawa to be armed with the power to veto certain bylaws; ostensibly, this is being done to get housing built in these cities more quickly. 

Yet, the idea of Brown being given more power in Brampton would be akin to providing an arsonist with a flamethrower.

So it was that during his visit to Queen's Park, Bowman issued a pre-written statement in which he described Sneaky Patrick as the "poster child" of a mayor who shouldn't be given more power. Said Bowman, "I urge the premier and minister to carve out an exemption in any upcoming legislation that blocks these powers being utilized by Mr. Brown."

While speaking in the media studio at Queen's Park, the councillor offered a list of Brown's alleged ethical failings in 2022 alone – far too many to list in this space – as evidence of why Brown (should he be re-elected) should not be given more power. 

Check out our interview with Jeff Bowman, an outgoing councillor that is trying his best to stand up to rampant corruption in the City of Brampton.

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