BREAKING: Hamas to release 50 dual-citizenship-holding hostages

Over 160 Israeli men, women, and children will remain in Gaza as captives of the terrorists.

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The Palestinian Islamist terrorist group, Hamas, is reportedly preparing to release 50 more hostages.

These hostages were taken when the group carried out an attack in Israel on October 7, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 1,400 citizens in a horrific incident that included acts of violence such as rape, beheadings, and setting bodies on fire.

In addition to the mass murders, hundreds were kidnapped and taken into Gaza. Nobody was spared, including women, babies, and the elderly.

Reportedly, many of the kidnapped individuals hold dual citizenship, and negotiations through other countries have been ongoing to secure the release of these hostages.

On Friday, as an invasion to Gaza was imminent, two American hostages were released, which allegedly contributed to delaying the planned Israeli ground operation in Gaza. 

It is now reported that an additional 50 hostages, who hold dual citizenship, will be released by the Palestinian terrorist group.

Hamas has been using propaganda that has had an impact on mainstream media. Major media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have all repeated a lie from Hamas, stating that Israeli Defense Forces bombed a hospital in Gaza.

This level of trust in a terrorist organization was also reflected when journalists attempted to question the events of October 7.

In response, journalists have met with Israeli officials to view horrific footage of the atrocities that took place earlier this month.

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