BREAKING: Justin Trudeau is taking us BACK to federal court

Moments ago — at 5 p.m. Eastern Time today, on a Friday night, just before the weekend — I received an urgent e-mail from our free speech lawyers.

Justin Trudeau just served us with a notice of appeal to our Federal Court win, which allowed us to report on the leaders' debates during the election.

He’s sending lawyers to the Federal Court of Appeal to overturn our free speech victory in the campaign, the one that got us into the election debates.

He’s dead-set on banning our Rebel News journalists from ever covering political debates again.

I can understand why Trudeau is doing this:

Our reporters Keean Bexte and David Menzies asked the best questions in the entire post-debate scrum. Independent journalists ask real questions, not the kind of puff-balls asked by the CBC state broadcaster or the rest of the bail-out media.

Trudeau literally put five lawyers on the case to stop us from getting into the debate. He not only sent lawyers from the Debates Commission and the Justice Department, but he also splurged and hired one of the most expensive private law firms in the country, Borden Ladner Gervais.

There are so many Trudeau lawyers fighting against our little company right now, I’d laugh if it weren’t so serious.

Justin Trudeau hates us, and he desperately wants to silence us. He couldn’t buy us off, so he wants to shut us down.

It’s absurd that he’s appealing the emergency court order that we won. But he has his reasons:

To grind us down, to set a precedent for the future, to stop us from ever asking him tough questions again.

We won a great victory for free speech in the Federal Court, and he wants to take that away from us — and from any other independent-minded journalist in the country who dares to criticize him.

It’s the first major decision Trudeau has made since his re-election:

He’s going to restrict freedom of speech.

I believe we will win this lawsuit in the end. But we’ve already had to spend $18,000 on our lawyers so far. And it’s clear that Trudeau’s strategy is to simply wear us out. After all, he can use the unlimited resources of the taxpayer.

We must fight back against this appeal. And we will. But can you please help us?

Please go to Read the insane notice of appeal. Look at all the lawyers Trudeau is throwing at us.

And realize what he’s trying to do: ban the only independent voice left in the media.

Please help — if you give us the tools, we’ll finish the job!

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