BREAKING NEWS: We’re suing David Lametti to stop him from destroying his public records

This is so urgent, we hope to have the hearing in the next few days. You can see the court documents here.

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Today Rebel News and I filed an emergency lawsuit at the Federal Court of Canada, against David Lametti.

He’s Trudeau’s disgraced former Justice Minister. We’re asking a judge to order Lametti to stop deleting his records about the Emergencies Act, which we can see that he is doing on Twitter and elsewhere. He broke the law by illegally imposing martial law on us. And now he’s breaking the law by deleting government records to cover his tracks.

This is so urgent, we hope to have the hearing in the next few days. You can see the court documents here. The lawsuit is clear and easy to read — please check it out and let me know what you think.

A bit of background. You might remember that Trudeau chose Lametti as Justice Minister precisely because he was ethically malleable. Remember, Trudeau had a hard time getting Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to break the law for him. Trudeau pressured Wilson-Raybould to call off a prosecution of a corrupt Montreal company. She wouldn’t, so he fired her — and hired Lametti, who Trudeau knew would do anything he asked, legal or not.

And that’s exactly what happened. In the most important moment of his career, Lametti chose to obey Trudeau’s unconstitutional instructions to put Canada under martial law, instead of doing his duty to protect the civil rights of Canadians, including from Trudeau himself.

After the Federal Court released a scorching judgment on Tuesday, declaring the decision to invoke Emergencies Act illegal, unjustifiable, unreasonable and unconstitutional, Lametti resigned from Parliament in disgrace.

Had he resigned on principle when Trudeau asked him to break the law, he would have gone down as one of the most principled men of our time. Instead, he leaves Ottawa under a cloud.

But here’s why we’re suing him: Lametti is still being unethical, even now. As you know, every cabinet minister has an official government Twitter account. It’s not his personal account or a Liberal Party account. It’s an official government account, run by civil servants in the Justice Department. It may seem casual, because it’s Twitter, but it’s still an official record.

But as Lametti skulks out the door, he’s deleted his account — and all of the thousands of records it contained. Not just his public comments, but his private “direct messages”. And we know that Lametti made many atrocious comments in private, such as his suggestion to deploy military tanks against peaceful protesters.

By illegally deleting his Twitter account, Lametti is destroying government property — and covering his tracks, just as the lawsuits against the government are about to stack up.

Hundreds of Canadians who were illegally abused by the Emergencies Act will now surely sue the government. And Lametti’s remarks, both public and private, are evidence.

He’s destroying that evidence right before our eyes, and nobody is doing anything about it.

Well, we are. We learned about Lametti’s escape plan just yesterday. And we hired one of the feistiest law firms in the country — Chad Williamson’s team from Calgary. They’re the ones who beat Trudeau’s lawyers in 2021, when Trudeau banned Rebel News from attending the Election Debates. And Chad absolutely smoked Steven Guilbeault, when that creepy guy illegally blocked us on Twitter.

I like Chad and I love how fast he and his team have worked here. They literally stayed up all night working on this. But I need your help. Chad’s great, but he doesn’t work for free. When we took on Steven Guilbeault, it cost us nearly $100,000 by the time it was all done.

I have no doubt that Lametti will fight this tooth and nail. He obviously doesn’t want his secret messages to come out, and he doesn’t want anyone referring to his past public messages, either.

He’s probably worried that he’ll be sued for his role in violating the law. That’s why he wants to sneak out, and go to work for a private law firm.

We’ve got to move fast: this is Lametti’s final week as an MP.

Please read the lawsuit. We have a petition too that I hope you’ll sign. And if you are as outraged by Lametti’s final disgrace as I am, please help me cover Chad’s legal bills. I really think we have to bring the Justice Minister to justice — the real kind of justice, not Trudeau’s authoritarian justice, where he stomps his riot horses on you and seizes your bank accounts.

If you’re one of the many people who were violated or threatened by Lametti and Trudeau and the rest of the Liberal thugs, you’ve got a stake in this lawsuit. And if you’re just like me — a law-abiding Canadian who was outraged by Trudeau running Canada like a police state — please help me crowdfund the lawsuit to stop these creeps.

I mean, who does Trudeau think he is — Castro?

Rebel News is suing David Lemetti, Trudeau's disgraced former Minister of Justice, to stop his deletion of important government records, including not only his Tweets, but his direct messages too. Please chip in a donation right here on this page to help us get justice and accountability – particularly for those negatively impacted by the government’s illegal, unjustifiable, unreasonable and unconstitutional invocation of the Emergencies Act. (Thanks!)

And, if you agree that David Lametti should be held accountable for his role in the invocation of the Emergencies Act, please add your name to the petition on this page as well.

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