BREAKING: Police forcibly EJECT journalist Avi Yemini from Dan Andrews press conference

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Why did Dan Andrews personal staff order police to throw me out of a press conference today?

  • It was a public press conference.
  • I have my official Australian government press credentials.
  • I was well-behaved (watch for yourself!)

So why was I thrown out?

And since when do politicians get to use police as their personal errand-boys?

Am I really so terrifying that Dan Andrews can’t even handle a question from me? Is he that thin-skinned?

I think Dictator Dan is starting to mimic his role models in Communist China, and their heavy-handed approach to journalists.

But this is still Australia, and freedom of the press exists for all media—even the ones Andrews doesn’t like.

If you agree with me, please sign my petition at

That’s all I’m asking for—my basic freedoms to report the news. And your basic freedoms to hear it from me, if you want to.

Instead, I’ve been banned from the Parliamentary precinct for a week — it’s outrageous.

I’ve spoken with Catherine Cumming, M.P.  and she says she’ll raise the matter in the Parliament of Victoria. That’s great news — it’s nice to know someone still cares about freedom these days.

So please go to

Because our civil liberties matter.

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