Rebel News' reporter catches senior Pfizer executive spreading misinformation about COVID jabs

Rebel News brought in three leading scientists who debunked misleading claims about Pfizer's vaccine effectiveness made by a senior Pfizer executive.

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In today's report, I bring you part two of my investigative report in which we question Pfizer’s Senior Director of Global Vaccines Public Affairs, Diane Thomson, about Pfizer’s under-performing COVID-19 vaccine.

But that’s not all. Instead of stopping after Thomson regurgitates the typical nontransparent claims that have kept Pfizer laughing its way to the bank since the declared pandemic, I also bring in three leading Canadian scientists to help you sort through some of the misinformation Thomson spreads when questioned. 

University of Guelph associate professor of viral immunology and vaccine maker Dr. Byram Bridle, University of BC professor of immunology and neurology and COVID antibody researcher with Kinexus Bioinformatics, Dr. Steven Pelech, and peer-reviewed physicist and statistical analyzer Dr. Denis Rancourt, who are featured in this report, are all more than qualified to debunk the big-pharma executive's claims.

All three experts cover a broad range of science and have united their efforts to offer the public “balanced evidence-based information” to save lives and restore Canada during COVID, through their work at the Canadian COVID Care Alliance.

Click on the full report to hear the leading scientist tackle Thomson’s claims that Pfizer could not have checked for transmission rates prior to their Covid jab entering the market, that Pfizer jabs' immunity is superior to that of natural immunity, and that the vaccines are safe and effective for pregnant women and their babies.

This comprehensive investigative report, which you’ll never see on state-backed media, required a team of five Rebels to deploy to Germany for five days to be your eyes and ears at the World Health Summit. If you appreciate such journalism, please help us recoup the many costs involved to have brought it to you by donating what you can at

If you missed part one of this report, click here to see me question Thomson about why Pfizer failed to check if its jabs prevented transmission and why Pfizer supported vaccine mandates when their jabs don’t even stop the spread.

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