B.C. judge tosses Dr. Bonnie’s injunction bid to arrest churchgoers

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On Tuesday, Honourable Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson gave his ruling on B.C.’s top doctor’s application for an injunction that specifically targeted Christians connected to three churches, the names of which were disclosed on a petition filed against the province's current restrictions on gatherings for public protest and worship.

If granted, Dr. Bonnie Henry’s injunction would have prohibited the pastors and congregants of three Fraser Valley churches, (Riverside Calvary Chapel, Free Reformed Church of Chilliwack, and Immanuel Covenant Reformed Church) from hosting, attending or intending to attend any religious gatherings, and grant police the authority to arrest them if they did.

Justice Hinkson tossed the injunction. In his decision, Hinkson stated: “To be clear, I am not condoning the petitioners’ conduct in contravention of the orders that they challenge, but find that the injunctive relief sought by the respondents should not be granted.”

Right after the ruling was issued, I caught up with Paul Jaffe, a West Vancouver freedom-defending lawyer who was retained by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to lead the petition against the B.C. government.

Click to find out what his thoughts were right after this win for freedom.

The battle for these churches, who are standing up for freedom of religion for all places of worship in B.C., isn’t over yet. The original complaint, seeking a decision on whether the province's restrictions against these churches are constitutional, is set to be heard from March 1-3. I will be following the matter closely, and reporting to you here at Rebel News.

If you’d like to help support our legal clinic that is providing free, freedom fighting lawyers for pastors, peaceful protesters and other Canadians who have been receiving tyrannical fines under these oppressive COVID-19 restrictions, please donate at FightTheFines.com.

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  • By David Menzies

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